Your organic food might come from China. Here is what you MUST know

China has a tradition of growing food without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This means that China could be the next big thing in organic farming industry and it could lead the world by becoming the largest producer of organic food. However, a shadow of doubt was put on this tradition as some farmers were caught putting ‘organic’ labels on food that wasn’t organic at all.

When it comes to foods, superfoods and even nutritional supplements from China, “organic” is largely a hoax. This is my opinion, of course, but I’ve been researching the issue quite extensively as the key decision maker for new products in the Natural News Store. And I’ve come to the conclusion that “organic” from China is largely a fraud. Here’s why…

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The major issue with organic food in China is that there is no law to control the limit of cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury in organic products.

It’s a fact: USDA organic standards place NO LIMITS on levels of heavy metals contamination of certified organic foods. Even further, there is no limit on the contamination of PCBs, BPA and other synthetic chemicals that’s allowed in certified organic foods, superfoods and supplements.

At this point, you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief and thinking, “No, that can’t be true. Organic standards must check for heavy metals and chemical contamination, right?”

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No! “Organic” certifies a process of how food is grown or produced. It certifies that the farmer doesn’t add pesticides, herbicides, petroleum-based fertilizer, metals or synthetic chemicals to the crop (among other things), and it certifies that the soil must be free from such things for a certain number of years before organic certification is approved.

China is an environmental nightmare

China is probably one of the very few nations in the world today that has no environmental regulations in place. There is no law to stop you from dumping mercury or anything else into rivers. You can use raw human sewage as fertilizer and you pump factory waste to the air without ever worrying about breaking any law.

It’s so bad that a Chinese environmental official was recently offered over US$30,000 to take a 20-minute swim in a local river.

Slum and dirty river

You think about how dirty the water would be. Imagine this water being used in agriculture. Imagine farmers watering crops with water that is so dirty and toxic that people can’t even swim in it. A farmer using irrigation water and claiming to use 100% organic methods would be using this same water, which can contain large amounts of arsenic and other chemical waste.
Remember, too, that China is a communist regime. It is a country where all religion has been outlawed and the people are never taught ethics or morality. They have no moral compass. Across China, the majority of the population believes that the best way to get ahead is to CHEAT, lie and steal, even if it means harming someone else in the process.
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Health Ranger Select brand BANS all foods, superfoods and ingredients from China except for goji berries

I made a decision months ago to ban anything produced in China from my own label, with the exception being goji berries. If a food, superfood or supplement has my name on it, I will not use ingredients sourced from China unless I know and can VERIFY the end-product cleanliness of the product.We source from the USA, Canada, European countries, Peru and even Thailand for some ingredients. Mexico is acceptable for some ingredients as well. But China is a big red flag. I simply can’t trust that most foods, superfoods or supplements from China are going to be consistently clean and honest.

China has a government that lacks ethics.

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