World’s Largest Free Kitchen in India Now Serves Fresh Organic Food

Visitors coming to the Golden Temple in India will be served with farm-fresh organic food.

Guru Ramdas Langar Hall at the famous Golden Temple in India has switched to organic food. It’s probably the largest free kitchen in the world with an average of 100,000 people served with food every day.

organic food at the golden temple

The Golden Temple is located in Amritsar, a historic city in western India, has a huge kitchen that serves free hot meal to everyone who walks through doors of the temple. Nearly 100,000 people walk through the gates every day.

The committee at the temple recently decided to practice organic farming. As a result, the kitchen gave up use of pesticides, fertilizers and chemical herbicides, turning all their crops to organic. The committee also administers Sikh religious places of worship across the country. It will be extending use of organic food all across these places or worship in addition to implementing it at the Golden Temple.


free organic food at the golden temple india

The kitchen is growing grains, carrots, cauliflower, fenugreek, spinach and different fruits in Amritsar in number of farms. Vegetables and fruits are delivered directly to the temple from these farms every day to make sure that food is always prepared from fresh organic ingredients.

Making organic food possible at this large kitchen is a project of EcoSikh. This non-profit organization aims to implement similar organic measures across all 25,000 gurdawaras across the country.


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