Wonderful Things You Can Do With Excess Organic Herbs From Your Garden

If you have grown a garden full of organic herbs, chances are good that you have excess of these herbs and they might go to waste. You won’t possibly be using all the herbs from your garden and sometimes giving away all the herbs you’ve grown won’t be possible. So they are probably going to go to waste.

herbs garden

There are plenty of interesting things you can do with your herbs and make the best use of them.

Dry Them

Drying organic herbs is one of the best things you can do with excess herbs from your garden. Even if you are living in a relatively humid environment, drying herbs is going to be easy.

dry herbs

Start by harvesting the herbs early in the day so that it’s cool outdoors. Cut herbs from plants/bushes in a way that you have fairly long stems with them. After you have cut the herbs, wash them carefully so that you remove dirt from herbs but without damaging them. Put them on a towel so that all the excess moisture is absorbed. Once extra moisture has disappeared, bundle them together by tying them with a ribbon of your choice. Hang them outdoors where moisture is low but herbs aren’t exposed to direct sunlight. Once died, put herbs in jars and consume them over the next year. Herbs dried in this way can easily be good to consume for a year.

Freeze Them

If you don’t want to dry herbs for some reason, you can freeze them to use later. Herbs freeze wonderfully well. When you want to use them, they will be as fresh as they were when removed from plants.

freeze herbs

To freeze herbs, remove them from plants with stems and wash them thoroughly but gently. Put them on clean dry towel so that excess water is absorbed. Wait until there is no excess water. Don’t remove their stems or flowers because herbs are best frozen when connected to stems. Now put them in freezer bags and use them any time within next six months.

Learn about making vinegar and organic herbal oil from excess herbs on the next page.

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