Why I Prefer Leaves over Rock Dust to Remineralize Soil

If there is a trick to successful planting and it can be defined in one word, it is “Soil.” Soil requires to restored after every crop or maybe during a crop depending on the type of soil. Restoring soil nutrients is the most important part of gardening and that is why gardeners use fertilizers in conventional gardening. Since we are talking about organic planting, we have to use the natural elements only.

When it comes to natural options, people use rock dust to remineralize the soil. Another good and cheap option is the leaves. Normally, gardeners throw out the leaves, considering them a waste material, which is a total waste of them. They could be a perfect option to remineralize your soil without putting any serious effort.

In this video, the host has described briefly regarding how to use the leaves and what are the benefits. If you are in a gardening business or you are about to start gardening at your home, you must take a look at this video. It will not only save you a lot of money but also a lot of time while providing you best results.


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