Tortilla Soup: Quick & Easy Organic Vegan Recipe [Video]

Here is another recipe by Jason Wrobel from the J-Wro Show. Jason Wrobel is a well-known vegan chef who revealed a mind-blowing tortilla soup recipe that is just too awesome.

For this recipe, you need to have a good blender. Apart from the blender, you need to bring red bell pepper, toss hot water, fresh clantro, paprika, carrots, lime, onions, and fresh garlic. To make it a little more healthy, you can add Vitamin Mineral Rush along with some sweetness to reduce the acidity of tomatoes.

Then, Tortilla and pepper jack cheese will give the extraordinary flavor you all love. For garnishing purposes, you can use salsa, avocado or crushed tortilla chips. Once you have this soup ready on your table, it will make even the coldest day a little warmer. Another important thing is that you should use only organic ingredients. Why? Because they are safe and healthy.

If you want to serve it to your guests, make sure that you make a lot of it because they are going to ask again and again for it. Let’s watch the video and make this delicious soup, and enjoy with your loved ones.

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