Top 6 Worst and 6 Best Garden Fertilizers [Video]

Video of the week is here! This time, we have come up with the fertilizer ideas because a lot of people were asking about them. A lot of OrganicVeganEarth’s fans asked about the best and worst fertilizers. Let’s take a look below…

In this video, the host, John has shared his personal thoughts on various fertilizers that are available in the market. Since he is doing organic gardening for years and guiding people on youtube for a long time, you can trust this guy for sure.

In John’s recent video, he has shown why the most popular fertilizers are just a waste and you shouldn’t use them. The most shocking moment is when you realized that John’s list do include some of the organic fertilizers as well. Now, the question is that if you can’t use all these fertilizers then what are the good ones? What are the possible options? Don’t worry! John has also shared the top 6 fertilizers that will help you grow the better food as compared to before.

Once you complete this  video, you will have a better idea regarding what to purchase and what to avoid when it comes to fertilizers for your organic garden. Let’s watch this video and have a great time…


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