Top 12 Contaminated Foods to NEVER Eat Non-Organic

Do you spend a lot on healthcare providers? Have you ever thought why you need to visit your healthcare provider that often? The actual reason is located in your kitchen!

There are a lot of people who don’t purchase organic food items because they are a bit expensive. Yes, it’s true that they are expensive. But, the extra money on the organic food is worth more than you can imagine. Still, if you can’t buy all the food with the organic label, you should buy some of them at the very least.

There are some food items that contain a huge amount of chemicals as compared to others. These food items are the main reason why you visit your doctor so often. By eating these contaminated and sprayed food, you are disturbing your health in a long run as well.

In this video, the host has come up with the dirty dozen list. The list includes top 12 contaminated foods to NEVER eat Non-Organic. These fruits and veggies are not rich in vitamins or fiber. In fact, they are rich in pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Let’s begin this video and get familiar with these foods. Note down these fruits and vegetables in your shopping list and purchase them ONLY ORGANIC when you visit the store next time.

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