Top 10 Organic States – California Leads With $2.2 Billion In Sales!

The organic sales are soaring, recording a 11.3 percent rise in the recent times. One of the major reasons for this enormous growth in sales is that people are making aware choices now. They want to eat healthy and they understand that eating foods free from harmful chemicals and pesticides is the right way forward.

Organic Food

An organic survey was recently conducted to find out popularity of organic foods and therefore volume of sales in each state. California won the crown for selling most organic foods with nation’s 41 percent of total sales volume, generating nearly $2.2 billion. California’s Department of Food and Agriculture produces half of all fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the country.  Coming in second was Washington state, with $515 million in sales.

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Together, 10 states alone represent 78 percent of total U.S. organic sales. California has 2,805 organic farms.  The only other state to have more than 1,000 organic farms is Wisconsin with 1,228!  Other states that are part of the organic 10 are Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas, New York, Colorado, Michigan and Iowa.

If you reside in these states, you should have plenty of access to organic produce.  If you live in a state that is not part of this dynamic ten, continue to advocate for your states organic farms.  Organic food is here to stay.  Spread the news and encourage and support your local organic farmers!

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