A New Startup Focuses On Disposing Off Organic Waste To Grow Organic Food

Jessica Lindsay is the owner of Mallow Sustainability, the startup that wants to take care of your organic waste. This startup is already helping hundreds of businesses in Brisbane, Australia and plans to expands its operations globally to help organic farmers and producers with the organic waste issues.

The startup, Mallow Sustainability, aims to use the organic waste as a nutrient-rich compost. The waste is broken down and then used to grow organic food on Jessica’s farm. This process is sustainable and has helped Jessica regenerate soil and improve food security on her farm.


Jessica Lindsay created Mallow Sustainability after having worked in the sustainable waste management and environment industry for 8 years. When she was working in the industry, she realized that there are certain barriers that prevent organic businesses from managing their waste in a sustainable way. One of the major problems that Jessica noticed was lack of service providers – a problem that implanted the idea of starting a waste management service in her head.


What do they do?

We collect food waste such as coffee grinds, fruit and vegetable scraps and other organic waste such as compostable coffee cups from businesses around Brisbane. We use a combination of composting and worm farming to break down organic material into valuable soil amendments.


We use the compost we produce in our farming operations, allowing the nutrients from the organic waste to be returned to the soil rather than being sent to landfill and wasted. This has many benefits to our customers, the environment and the community such as, reducing waste to landfill, reduced costs, combating climate change, improving soil health and supplying local organic food back to the community.

Mallow Sustainability can create an organic waste management system for your business and provide guidance on improving your waste management practices. We also supply organic, local, seasonal produce to Cafes and Restaurants in the Brisbane area.

To learn more about Mallow Sustainability visit:




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