The Green Wall – Educational Vertical Garden Bottle System Project [Video]

Here is a beautiful video from a foreign institute who used waste bottles to create a perfect wall garden. They have decorated the wall in a brilliant way without using many resources. What they have used includes seeds, soil, and bottles.

One day, while looking at the waste of drinking bottles, one of the teachers thought that they should use these bottles in a better way rather than selling at cheap rates. The next day, he comes up with a brilliant idea and created an amazing wall with the help of his students. Luckily, they made a video of this activity and made it public.

In this video, you can learn how to create such wall at your home or maybe at your office. This will not only make your home beautiful but also create a healthy atmosphere. Also, this is a healthy activity for your kids if you can engage them. Let’s watch this video and I am pretty sure that you haven’t seen anything like this before. Have fun!

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