The Great Denmark To Become A 100% Organic Country


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Though the Økologiplan Danmark initiative is led with force by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, other departments have lined up with enthusiasm: the Defense department has said that it will move to adjust the 1.1 million kilograms of food each year served at bases and in the other related cafeterias (though in the western part of the country, 40% of the food that the military eats is already organic).

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The Ministry of the Environment is committed to converting many of the areas that it manages into organic farming, which means working proactively to seek out organic producers who will rent land, making it easier for farmers and ranchers to make the transition to organic – and this means, among the other measures, increasing the duration of leases for land, and making the approval procedures of stables and special breeding systems, etc. more streamlined.

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The Ministry of Education is definitely playing its part, and will primarily act in schools, but also by addressing farming institutions and professional farmers associations. Children and teens will learn about the importance of organic farming in school, and the reform of the educational system looks to not only invigorate nutrition-based education, with specific courses dedicated to food as well as organic farming, which be will studied in science classes. A whole country and all of its institutions are marching together to build an organic future.

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