Tesla CEO Backs Vegan Leather

Tesla Motors is among the leading electric car manufacturers in the world. Since the company strives for eco-friendly cars, a lot of vegans are already using these cars. However, they were somewhat unhappy about leather interior and asked Tesla Motors to offer them a complete vegan car. Tesla Motors listened and came out with a ‘white vegan leather’ option for it’s new Model X cars.

vegan leather for tesla_model_x

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk also went on record saying that the company should go for ‘white vegan interior’ as that’s the one he prefers. He took to Twitter and promoted the vegan option like he really meant it.

When current Model X owners reported issues such as tears with the new interior, Musk assured them that the company would add backing material to strengthen interiors at no extra cost. In January, shareholders and longtime vegans Mark and Elizabeth Peters successfully petitioned Tesla Motors to create a fully vegan stock option Model X. Musk’s preference for the vegan interior and efforts to remedy user concerns prove that Tesla Motors is invested in creating a superior vegan option to meet customer demands.

Read the full news story at vegnews.com

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