The enduring image of a child blowing the seeds off a dandelion carrying the dreams, thoughts, and wished for a loved one. Who would have that the dandelion green is also a potent source of nutrients? Studies conducted on the dandelion greens have found that it displayed chemical properties to fight inflammation and carries anti-cancer properties. They are highly recommended by doctors as a super food as it can be used to purify the blood, prevent gallstones and piles.

Regarded as a super tonic food dandelion green is packed with awesome benefits. It is rich in iron, low in calories, high in antioxidants, minerals, proteins, vitamins A, E, K and hugely loaded with B vitamins. This leafy green is a must for all vegans looking for a plant-based protein and B vitamins substitute.

Read below for three benefits of this vegetable and share with us your dandelion wishes.

  1. The extracts of the dandelion root flower were found to block invasion of both breast cancer cells and prostate cancer cells.
  2. As a natural diuretic, dandelion green has been used for conditions such as cardiovascular and kidney diseases to reduce edema and blood pressure.
  3. Dandelion greens provide anti-inflammatory properties and medical studies show that its chemical component significantly suppressed nitric oxide, prostaglandins, and cytokines.

Now packed on some dandelion green either as a salad, smoothie or tea in your diet knowing you are giving your health an incredible positive boost.

Can’t get enough of dandelion green? Watch this video for more benefits of the dandelion green.

Can’t get enough of dandelion green? watch this video for a quick run down on the benefits of dandelion green 

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