Delicious Organic Summer Super-food Salad

This colorful, vibrant salad is boosted with superfood awesomeness and mouth-watering taste! Surely, this ain’t disappoint you if you serve it along summer family barbecue!

Before you start, you need to make sure that you are using organic ingredients only if possible, since they are way more healthy as compared to non-organic.


Six chopped and de-stemmed Kale leaves
One and a half cup of spinach leaves.
One or two carrots
Half cup of pomegranate seeds
Four sliced onions
Half cup of raw pistachio nuts
Half cup of white quinoa


Half tablespoon of olive oil
Half tablespoon of apple vinegar
Himalayan rock salt
Half tablespoon hulled tahini
Juice of one lemon

Serves: Four to six persons
Time: 30 minutes approximately


Read the packet instructions and cook the quinoa as per the provided description. Allow it to cool down before you fluff it with a fork.

Get a small bowl and thoroughly mix all the dressing ingredients. You can add or reduce the amount of salt and lemon as per your taste.

Add the chopped kale in a large bowl and pour less than half of the dressing into bowl.

Massage the kale leaves with dressing using your fingers. You need to keep massaging for two minutes or until the kale become soft.

Now, this is the time to add the remaining ingredients in the large bowl.

Add the remaining amount of dressing into the bowl and toss until it has coated the salad.

The delicious salad is ready to be serve!

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