Organic Weed Control Methods – You Don’t Have To Be The Toxic Avenger!

Weed control is something that every homeowner with a garden has to think about. These weeds seem to come out of nowhere and they can grow really quickly. These nasty weeds grow to their full size in matter of days and not weeks. So is there a way you can get rid of these and turn your garden beautiful and healthy again without poisoning the environment?

There are numerous weed control methods that don’t poison the environment. These methods are organic in nature and therefore they can be applied without worrying about the climate. These methods are efficient and they actually get your garden clear of weeds. Here are top organic weed control methods.

Stop Them Before They Start

The best way to get rid of weeds is to start acting before they grow. To stop them from sprouting from the ground in a flower bed, you can simply put a newspaper around your plant and cover it with mulch. Since newspaper is made of wood, it won’t harm your plants. The barriers that the newspaper will create will prevent weeds from coming out of ground.


Grass Mulch

Grass mulch is another good way to control weed organically. When you mow your lawn, simply use a catch bag to collect the clippings. After that, mulch your flower or vegetable beds with a heavy layer of mulch – 2 to 3 inches is best. Just be careful to leave a 1 inch space around the base of your plants.

Grass mulching does double duty weed control. The thick layer prevents sunlight from getting to the weeds, and the intense heat that results from the grass breaking down further promotes weed death.

Boiling Water

boiling water

In the event that your mulching and barrier methods don’t deter all weeds – and they never do – use boiling water to kill weeds. Simply boil up a pot of water and douse the offending leafy interlopers. This works best in flower or vegetable gardens in between plants, as the boiling water will also kill your grass.

Rock Salt

This is a great organic weed control option to use as a perimeter barrier along beds. Sprinkle rock salt along the edge of your flower or vegetable beds to make a perimeter barrier to keep creeping weeds out. Be careful, as salting the earth will make it barren for an extended period of time.


Vinegar, the old standby. This is a great organic weed control agent. Simply fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray down the weeds you find. This works especially well for weeds like dandelions, which have a long, deep taproot and are difficult to pull.


Corn gluten prevents seeds from germinating. This makes it perfect for pro-active weed control. Simply sprinkle it liberally around your garden and flower beds to prevent any weed seeds from sprouting to begin with. Be aware that corn gluten will prevent ANY seed from germinating. If you use it in your vegetable garden, be sure that all of your seed has sprouted and grown into a plant at least 6 inches tall.

You Don’t Have to be the Toxic Avenger

Many people incorrectly believe that they need chemicals and poisons to get rid of weeds. That’s simply untrue. Any of the organic weed control methods I’ve given here will make weed control a breeze, and many of them can be used in conjunction with one another for an even more effective battle plan. These organic weed control methods work, so give them a try before busting out the weed spray.

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