Organic Gardening with kids: Plant Cucumbers

Kids always like to do what the adults around them are doing. If you want to teach them organic gardening, just try to do it in front of them and they will start taking the interest in it automatically. This is a healthy activity for kids and you will get some healthy food as well.

Last season, when we started gardening, my daughter was an infant. She didn’t help much, but she kept watching my actions. This season, she tried to help me in every possible manner and remain around us all the time. This was the simple trick through she got interested in gardening and helped us.

How to Plant Cucumbers

Have you ever planted cucumber in the past and failed? It is the time to try it again. People begin planting the cucumbers right into the earth because cucumbers don’t transplant well. To maximise your yield and extending the growing season, you need to get cucumbers that are 3 to 4 weeks old. You can either start them yourself or buy them from the nearest nursery.


1. Add Soil Amendments

    • Bone Meal
    • Sulfur pellets [We used this add-on because our soil was not enough acidic, but you need to check your soil before adding this.]
    • Fresh Organic Soil or compost

Spread the bone meal and sulfur pellets (if required). Now, put a layer of fresh organic soil or compost, but don’t use the yard’s dust as compost.

While we were adding the compost, my kid was sitting right next to the compost bin. She started adding some compost in her wheelbarrow and brought it to the corner. We already completed the compost task, but it’s important to allow your child to help you to improve their confidence.

We didn’t even know she was getting compost. She just copied what she saw her grandma do. When she came around the corner with her wheelbarrow full of compost we acted like we acted like we really needed her to help us finish putting compost in. This is how amazingly confident and helpful workers are created. Just be a good model and they will follow — even when you least expect it.

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2. Cultivate the Soil.

Use cultivators, garden forks, or a broadfork to turn the soil and mix in the amendments.
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3. Use Garden Rake to Even Soil.

4. Place Plants in Pots About a Foot Apart to Determine Where You Will Plant Them.

5. Plant cucumbers

Remember: cucumbers do not like to be transplanted and will not survive if not handled very gently. Be very careful not to disturb the roots while planting.

6. Water cucumbers in and clean up.


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