NBA Star Ray Allen and Wife to Open First Ever Organic Fast Food Restaurant on East Coast

Two-time NBA champion Ray Allen and his wife TV producer Shannon Allen are moving forward with their idea to open a chain of organic fast food restaurants called “Grown”. Their first restaurant to be located at 8211 South Dixie Highway in Miami, Florida will offer a full menu of locally sourced, organic dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The 1,900-square-foot restaurant will serve organic soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, gluten-free baked goods, fruit smoothies, cold-pressed juices, coffees and teas at affordable prices between $4 to $18. The location will also have both a drive-thru, and indoor/outdoor seating. There will be a rooftop garden, and there will also be a room available for special events such as cooking classes and wellness demos.-y

But why?

According to the couple, they initiated this kind of eating place because of their frustration as they found it really hard to get a restaurant that suits both their diets and routines.

Shannon told that she always try her best to make nutritious and delicious meals at her home for the children, but she always remain busy and found it hard to cook regularly. One of her sons is infected with diabetes, so he requires special meals. She can’t cook three times a day because of her social activities.

“I always got really frustrated because we had to sit around helpless waiting for others to make our special meals, so we can eat it.”

Can organic fast food restaurants really work?

Yes, there are a lot of organic fast food restaurants on the Earth and they are doing perfect business. In fact, there is an organic restaurant named as Organic Coup in Pleasanton, California as well. The owner of the Organic Coup is the former Costco executive and he is planning to initiate 25 more eating places in the next year.

“People Want This”

Regarding their new venture, Ray Allen also commented: “People want to be healthier, eat cleaner and feel better about what they’re putting in their bodies. I know this from personal experience, and when Grown opens it will very much be a concept unlike anything else designed to be accessible by everyone, from the weekend warrior to the soccer Mom and anyone in between.”

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