Natural and Organic Veggie Crayons – The no-nasties crayons from Wee Can Too

Crayons are a smart way to paint and make interesting things. However, these colors have chemical materials that can prove to be dangerous for everyone’s health. But the good news is that crayons have now become healthy as you can buy ones made with vegetables. Your kids will love painting with crayons and you won’t have to worry about their health. These crayons are being manufactured by a U.S.-based company We Can Too. The company sells a full-range of all-natural art products for kids.

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Among other non-nasty things, the crayons are made from vegetable powders, organic fruit and food grade soy wax, so they are hand and mouth safe and free of toxins, wheat, sugar and preservatives. They’re not meant for eating, obviously, but it’s nice to know they’re safe for that inevitable moment when your toddler will go in for a taste!

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The crayons come in five colours: green, yellow, orange, red/pink and purple. And as you can see, they are as vibrant in colour as all the not-so-safe crayons on the market, so you’re not missing out by going ‘green’, as they say.

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Wee Can Too was created in 2007 with a mission to bring high-quality art supplies to babies, all made from plant-based, fruit and vegetable-based ingredients. It has grown from its first batch of Veggie Finger Paint to offer an entire range or natural art supplies, including chalk, various paints and the fantastic crayons, among other things.

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