How to grow a kiwi plant from seed

Kiwifruit is so tasty; it’s intoxicating.  All my life, I’ve enjoyed the unique flavour and texture of kiwis but never stopped to wonder where they come from and how they grow. It took 24 years, countless fruit salads, and the digestion of innumerous tiny black seeds before I thought about planting some.

After my first kiwi sprouts emerged from the soil, I did some research and realized that Canada, with its uncomfortably cold winters, is not an ideal environment for growing kiwi plants. While fairly hardy, kiwi cannot survive temperatures below -18 degrees celsius. This news didn’t; however, change my mind about continuing to care for my seedlings. I find watching their development fascinating and enjoy seeing them grow into beautiful little vines. Plus, judging by the way our climate has been changing in recent years, it may soon become possible for kiwi to survive a southern Ontario winter.

Whether you’re planting to observe or to consume, here’s how you can get growing your own kiwi vines:

Things you’ll need:

1) An organic kiwi

2) One container or a mug.

3) A clear plastic container, paper towels, and a plate. We will use them to germinate the seed.

4) Soil. You can either buy the organic soil or you can use compost to make your soil rich in essentials.

5) Containers. The diameter should be 2 inches and depth should be 3 inches.

6) Make sure that you have enough light where you want to grow you plants.

How to grow a kiwi plant

How to Sprout Seeds:

1) First of all, you need to purchase the seeds from the nearest nursery.

2) Bring a container with a little warm water and add the seeds in it. Place them in a warm location, like under the sun or in front of a heater. Change the water once and day and let the seeds in the container intil they start to open.

3) When the seeds starting to open, it is the time to transfer them to clear container. Soak the paper towel with warm water and place it on the plate. Place the seeds on the paper towel and cover them with the clear plastic container after making few holes in it for the airflow. After two to three days, you seeds will start sprouting.

4) When your seeds begin to sprout, get ready to plant them. Prepare your container once again and pre moist the soil. For premoistening, you can take out some soil and mix it with some water. Now, put t back in the container.

How to grow a kiwi plant

5) Plant your seeds! Sprinkle your seeds into one or more pots making sure they are at least a few inches apart. I suggest giving each seed its own small pot in order to make transplanting easier; however, I split seven sprouted kiwi seeds between two pots and they are all growing fine. Once they are in their pot(s), cover them with a thin layer of soil. I’ve read that all seeds should be planted at a depth of about twice their length, so you can imagine just how little soil is necessary to cover your kiwi seeds.

6) Once planted, water thoroughly with a squirt bottle or gentle watering can and place your pot or container in a warm, sunny, location (for some, this may mean under a grow light). If you feel that your house may be too cold or drafty for the little guys to continue germinating, cover the top of your pot(s) with clear plastic with holes punched into it and secure with an elastic band. This will continue the greenhouse effect and can be left on until you see your sprouts emerge from the soil.

7) Take care of your fuzzy babies and enjoy the process.

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