Here Is How Organic Farming Is Changing The Face Of Drought-Ridden Anantapur!

Andhara Pradesh, India is one of the areas where drought can be extremely severe, especially in some arid parts such as Anantapur. People in the area have been looking up at the sky, expecting a rain as an answer to their calls to heavens for help but there was no reply, no answer and no help whatsoever. While feeling helpless, the people on Anantapur turned to organic farming and found their answer.


Anantapur was a barren district with almost nothing growing in the area. However, the situation is different now and someone who had visited the area 20 years ago would not be able to recognize the land. The entire district has been revolutionized by organic farming. Everywhere you go in this district, you will see fertile and productive land, nothing like it was a few years ago.

rice field

Organic farming doesn’t make use of any chemical fertilizers. It helps the land and ensures longevity of fertility. Although the farmers in the district were doubtful when they turned to organic farming, they found out that it has actually helped them and turned their barren lands into fertile rich lands.


The movement is being spearheaded by Timbaktu Collective, an organization dedicated to helping rural communities to take control of their own lives and govern themselves, live in social and gender harmony, while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle! It’s being supported by Dharani Co-Op, a group that helps market this organic produce!

finger millet

Started in 1990, TC has worked in 140 villages of Chennekothapalli, Roddam and Ramagiri Mandals of Anantapur District over the last 12 years to replenish the land and promote organic farming. The produce by these farmers is marketed under the Timbaktu Collective brand.

Watch how Organic Farming has transformed the lives of farmers in Anantapur!

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