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Growing organic vegetables can be exciting and difficult at the same time especially when you haven’t invested time learning how to speed up plant growth without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. However, there is a shortcut. You don’t have to be a master-gardener to grow organic vegetables in 30 days. The trick is to find scrumptious vegetable varieties that grow super fast naturally.

grow organic vegetables in 30 days

The vegetables we’re going to explore today will take anywhere from 20-60 days to grow into full plants so you can start eating them. For your convenience, we’ve divided fast-growing vegetables into two groups according to time they take to grow.

Organic vegetables that take less than 30 days to grow

Here is a list of organic vegetables that take nearly two weeks to sprout. In 30 days’ time, they should be ready to be consumed.

  • Microgreen including pea shoots, beet greens and sunflowers: Take less than 30 days to grow once you sow seeds in sunny outdoor area.
  • Arugula: Takes less than 30 days to grow. It is a perfect aromatic salad staple.
  • Mustard greens: These greens are also quick growing so you can expect to have produce under 30 days.
  • Osaka purple: Takes nearly three weeks to grow.
  • Black seeded Simpson lettuce: It takes less than 30 days to grow.
  • Spinach: This everyone’s favorite salad ingredient grows in around 30 days. You can start eating it by fifth week in most cases.
  • Cherry Belle radish: This non-green veggie takes less than 30 days to fully grow.

These vegetables are easy to grow as long as you know the basics of preparing soil and plant seeds. Even if you have never touched garden soil, you can learn basic plantation techniques by watching this quick video.


How to grow organic vegetables in a 40- to 60-day growing period

Unlike most other tomato varieties, Glacier tomatoes are cold tolerant and will set fruit when temperatures are only in the sixties. If all goes well, you’ll have 2- to 4-inch tomatoes in 55 days. However, they will disappear fast if you have a freeze. Another tomato that can develop quickly is the small, orange Sun Gold. It can be ready to pick 57 days after you plant it.

sungold tomatoo grows in 20 days

Contender bush beans take 49 days to produce stringless, 6- to 8-inch pods. These beans are easy to grow and can be used in a variety of summer dishes.

Sugar Ann snap peas take about 56 days to produce 2½-inch pods that are edible. Also: Sprouting broccoli will show florets in about 50 days — it takes 10 days to germinate.

Finally, the hybrid Yaya carrot can mature in about 56 days!

Note: If you’re worried about a cold snap zapping your budding, fast-growing vegetables, you can protect seedlings. Watch this video to learn different plant protection techniques.

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