How to Grow Organic Collard Greens

Collard Greens are a perfect source of carotenoids, which can reduce allergy symptoms.

Collard Greens are normally known as southern green since they can handle a lot more heat as compared to other veggies. But, they are not only meant for the south. They can bear as much cold as cabbage or kale.

Planting: Plant during the spring when there are four weeks left in the last expected frost. When planting, ensure that you are sowing seeds only 0.25 inch in depth. The space among two seedlings in the length should be 1 feet while in rows, it should be three feet at least. If you want to plant in the fall, place the seeds 8 weeks before the 1st expected frost. 

Growing guidelines: Foliar feed with liquid seaweed extract 2 to 3 times during the growing season. During the growing season, you need to add the foliar feed with liquid seaweed extract to the soil to ensure the growth rate. Add this two to three times during a season.

Problems: For the problems during the planting and life span of collard greens, you can read the Cabbage problems as they are absolutely same.

Harvesting: When the plants get mature enough, you can start picking the outer leaves. The plants should be at least one feet tall when you start harvesting. Also, remember that frost improves the flavor of collard greens.

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