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Spring has sprung and the sun has come out to play! The cold winter days are almost a thing of the past, and suddenly the kids are finding the backyard garden more appealing than ever. So make the most of the glorious weather and get stuck into some fun gardening activities with the kids – it’s a great way to get them interested in the wonderful world of nature. Here are seven great kids gardening ideas:

1. Make a gumboot garden


Do you have some old gumboots? Instead of throwing them into the garbage, you can turn them into beautiful little pots through growing herbs and flowers in them. A gumboot garden is a great lesson for kids, it is a perfect way to tell them how to recycle the things into something useful and innovative. You can improve the look of gumboots through your artistic skills. Well, say goodbye to your regular pots and welcome something innovative and unique.

2. Grow a sunflower (or two!)


One of the best ways to welcome the summer is planting some sunflower and watching them grow and improve the look of your house. Every type of fast growing plant attracts the kids, so if you want to gain their interest, try planting them sunflower. Don’t forget to involve them through asking to check the plant, water it, etc. Your kids will love the sunflowers as they become fully grown.

3. Make retro garden markers

Have you got confused about what you planted in a particular area? Do you know about the retro garden markers? Well, it is the time to know about them. These markers are basically tags made from plastic, which are complete snail and water proof. These tags can be served as free spelling lessons for the children along with some gardening activity. Isn’t a great idea? Then let’s get them as soon as possible.

4. Grow watercress eggheads

Making watercress egg heads is the ideal gardening activity for kids with a serious case of spring fever. Simply plant the watercress seeds as instructed, decorate the egg shell with googly eyes and coloured markers, and then sit back and watch the sprouts come to life. Who knew growing green hair could be so exciting!

5. Make biodegradable planter pots


For the ultimate in environmentally friendly gardening, teach the kids how to make biodegradable planter pots out of newspaper and twine. With this clever idea, you’ll never have to re-pot any plant, ever again. Once the seeds have sprouted just plant the whole thing, pot and all, into the ground and wait for your garden to flourish.

6. Create a fairy garden


Creating a mystical and magical fairy garden is a fool-proof way to turn toddlers and preschoolers into little green thumbs. Their little faces will light up with joy as they go in search of trinkets and treasures to adorn their fairy garden – and remember anything goes; the more pebbles, shells and paddle-pop-stick houses, the better!

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