Gang Member Becomes Organic Farmer: From Gangs to Gardens Documentary

JLove Calderon, a filmmaker has currently released a motivating documentary named as “From Gangs To Gardens.” The documentary features Ietef Vitas’s progress from a cruel gang member to an organic planter.

“I am more than what you see, I am an organic gangster” ~Ietef Vita

Vita is an educator, youth advocate, hip hop yogi, and a midwife. He is basically a seeker of self-sustainable life. Initially, he began gardening with the purpose to heal his neighbor fellows. According to Vita, “To find a healthy environment, we should start with the health of ourselves.”

This project is basically focused on the healthy and organic food. Every plant of the garden has a specific advantage over the health difficulties of the community. The health issues are actually the result of low income.

In the Northeast Denver neighborhood, the common challenges are obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, and diabetes. This project was initiated to work on health related areas, using the resources of individuals and organizations.

Vita utilizes the hip-hop culture and music to motivate the young people of his community to take part in this project. He also tries to educate them on the importance of growing your own food.

If you would like to watch the trailers of this motivating documentary, they are available right below!

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