Eating Organic Lowers Pesticide Levels in Children

A latest study has revealed that kids who intake organic veggies and fruits, they have less quantity of pesticides inside their bodies as compared to those who eat non-organic.

Most of the dangerous organophosphorus pesticides has banned for the agriculture use, but farmers are still using it as much as possible for their better interest. For those who don’t know about organophosphorus pesticides, its high dose can be deadly.


The study, in the October issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, used twenty kids living in the Salinas and twenty kids living in Oakland, Calif. The kids were provided with regular food for 4 days and then they were fed with an organic diet for 7 days. Once again, they were given regular diet for 5 days.

During these days, the researchers collected their urine samples regularly to determine the changes occur due to diet change. While examining the urines, the researchers found that nearly 72% of the samples contained signs of pesticdes. They found six types of pesticides, two fo them reduced upto 50% while chidren were fed with organic, and level of one pesticide dropped to 25%. The signs of remaining three pesticides were same even during the days they ate organic diet. In the Salinas kids, the levels are a bit higher as compared to Oakland children.


A famous author, Asa Bradman, who is an associate director of the department, Children’s Health and Environmental Research at the University of California said, “The study proves that our food is a great source of pesticides, and we can reduce it by eating the organic diet.” He further said, “While talking about the organic, I won’t say that conventional diet is poor for health, it is healthy as well.”

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