Control Weeds Organically With “Newspaper Lasagna”

Do you ever think lasagna can help you to keep your plants weed free? I tried this simple trick and it worked for me perfectly. It won’t only keep the weeds away but it also helps against the soil born diseases. But, don’t try to taste this lasagna as it taste really bad.

Through making newspaper lasagna, you can stop the weed’s access to sunlight while allowing the air and rain to penetrate the soil. All you need to do is to create alternative layers of newspaper and make a barrier between the weeds and plants.

This procedure takes maximum 30 minutes and you are ready to plant your desired items. The newspaper lasagna work perfectly for vegetables and flowers, in case you want to plant them.

Start by scooping and inch or so of soil off of your area. Place about 10 sheets of newspaper over the area.

Once the newspaper is in place, soak the newspaper with water with a hose or a watering can, making sure to saturate it thoroughly.


Once the water has been absorbed by the paper, cover it with a layer of dirt or mulch.

Now repeat! 🙂 Place 10 more sheets of newspaper on the dirt, saturate it with water, then cover the wet paper with the dirt.

And that’s all there is to it! If you’re planning on planting in the area where your “newspaper lasagna” is, simply dig a hole with a trowel and place the plant right in. The soaked newspaper is easy to cut through.

You can also place create your “newspaper lasagna” between existing plants to help suppress weeds!

In addition to discouraging weeds, this gardening trick also helps conserve precious moisture, and as the paper decomposes, it will provide abundant food for worms and other soil-building friends.

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