Clean Spirits: Five Organic Vodkas

If you’re drinking vodka and you want to find a good reason to keep drinking it, you won’t probably find one. However, drinking organic vodka may not be as harmful as could be drinking conventional vodka. By making sure that your vodka comes from pesticides and herbicides free sources, you can be sure that you are not throwing harsh chemical down your liver when all you want is a to enjoy a glass of vodka.

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If you are someone who hasn’t tried organic vodka so far because you think it won’t probably taste great, you are wrong. Organic vodka tastes better than conventional vodka. You will have to try it for yourself to believe it.



Greenbar Collective makes Tru vodka, a natural and organic vodka. This vodka is made in California and it makes use of organic wheat grown locally. It uses purified water and organic nutrients which are hand-processed. You can either get a Try straight or try the lemon vodka spin on it. The lemon vodka variant makes use of over 800 pounds of organic lemons.

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Square One

Distilled in Northern California, Square One is truly eco-conscious from grain to glass. Crafted with organic rye and Teton Mountain water, Square One vodka is labeled with paper made from sustainably grown bamboo, bagasse and cotton. The label peels away easily to ready the bottle for reuse and recycling, and the spirit’s rye byproduct becomes organic dairy farm feed. Sample their botanical vodka, infused with rose, pear, chamomile, rosemary, coriander, lemon verbana and citrus peel. For purists, classic vodka is also available, along with basil and cucumber varieties.


Produced by the New Orleans-based Sazerac Company, Rain is made from organic white corn sourced from a 1,000 acre farm in Illinois. Distilled seven times, the vodka is available plain or with natural flavors cucumber lime, honey mango melon, red grape hibiscus and lavender lemonade.


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