Best Books on Organic Gardening and Growing Food at Home [Video]

Books are the best source to learn about anything in the world. People used to share their experiences in their books, so the new generation can take benefit of it. Similar to every other field, you need to be a good reader to become a good farmer.

No matter you are going to start planting in a small garden or a large one, you need to have the complete knowledge about it. Otherwise, you might end up with a small harvest or not at all.

How are you going to learn? The internet is a great source of information, but still, you can’t compare it with the books people thousands of years ago.

How can you find the right set of books? Now, that’s a perfect question. This is the reason why you are here and reading all this stuff.

In this video, the host John went on a field trip to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Petaluma, California and shared some of the best books written on the topic “Organic Gardening.” Once you complete this video, you will have a list of books written on how to identify pests, how to get more harvest organically, how to get rid of weeds, and etc.

Wait! There is something else for you. John will also share two best books written on how to preserve food for a long time. Let’s watch this video and find out the best books on organic gardening.

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