Australian Organic Farmers To Take GM Contamination Case To High Court

Steve Marsh, an organic farmer in Australia, has been fighting his case against Monsanto and his neighbor for contaminating his farm with genetically modified canola. Steve is also fighting against Michael Baxter, who is his childhood friend.

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Steve Marsh lost his organic certification due to the contamination from neighboring farm. More than 70% of his wheat farm has been contaminated due to cross pollination from neighboring farm, which is growing herbicide-resistant GM canola crops. Steve Marsh sued Baxter in Supreme Court but lost.

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Marsh now wants to take his plea to the Australian High Court, unsatisfied with the obvious collusion between his neighbor and one of the most hated corporations in the world – Monsanto.

Monsanto IS Poisoning You

Though the two neighbors have been hashing it out, Monsanto has been allowed to stay on the sidelines, patiently refusing to take any responsibility for transgenic contamination. Odd, since the corp has been suing farmers with convoluted patent laws which have been passed as of late. Monsanto would give farmers grief for saving seed for years now – a time-honored tradition which is now threatened with lawsuits like the one between Marsh and Grant.

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Marsh is seeking special leave to appeal in the High Court in an act of tenacity and resilience that will help all organic farmers, should he win. Though he likely could use help funding his legal battle since Monsanto will undoubtedly up the ante to try to defeat him again.

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