A Gardening Activity for Kids: Make Indoor Gardens

Are you looking for some kind of kids activities? Have your tried planting? Growing indoor plant is a great fun for kids and you can gain some organic food as well. Kids love to plant and take care of them as a responsibility without getting overwhelmed.

If you are fed up of watching your kids in front of the TV all the day, then its the time to find some healthy activity for them. Introduce your kids with planting and I bet they will love this activity. Through teaching your kids about how to grow indoor, you are giving them an opportunity to make their own world. This also helps them in learning the importance of keeping the environment clean. Do you afford to ignore this?

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A Miniature Herb Garden

Herbs are one of the things you can start with, because they are available in varieties. Kids will love choosing the herbs and their beautiful fragrances. Beside the theme of the garden, you need some specific supplies including a flower pot, pebbles for drainage, a shovel, and seeds of the desired plant.

Kids who enjoy the beautiful smell of potpourri will have some interest in lemon balm, lemon thyme, aromas of lavender, scented geraniums, and mints. Children love to dry the leaves and flowers, and then hand them to their loves ones as a gift.


Culinary herb gardens always go over big with children, too. Among favorite harvest treats are peppermint, spearmint, nasturtiums, and basil. When buying your herbs, remember that some are easily grown from seeds—like nasturtiums, basil, and dill—and others are slower growing and better purchased as small plants—like mint, thyme, and sage.

One thing to remember is that mints will frequently take over any container they are planted in. However, if you are still interested, you have two planting options: First, you can choose to grow only mint in your container. Explain to your children that they do not need a whole lot of plants to enjoy an indoor herb garden. You can also highlight the ever-popular frosted mint treats.

This delicacy is easily made by dipping several mint leaves into lightly beaten egg white and granulated sugar, and allowing them to dry. (You’ll be surprised how happy your kids will be with a garden of only mint.) Your other option is to keep the mint in a small container embedded into the garden, which will keep the roots bound in a contained area. That way it won’t take over the whole garden.


First, put the pebbles in the container’s bottom to help with drainage. Add a good layer of compost. If you are using small plants, carefully tip them from their pots and place them in the compost. Fill up the container with more compost, pat it down so it’s firm around the plant, and then water. If you are planting from seed, you may start the seeds in peat pots and then transfer them to the planter or plant the seeds directly into the compost. Add another layer of compost to the container and water. If you cover the container with a plastic bag, it will create moisture, and you will be able to water the seedlings less often. When the weather is warm enough, transplant your garden outside and continue enjoying your herbs all summer long.


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