7 Amazing Summer Bourbon Recipes: From Cocktails to Cupcakes

For some, bourbon may conjure up images of autumn, but we prefer to think of spring and summer as the seasons of bourbon. But, who are we kidding? Bourbon is perfect year round! And we have some pretty perfect warm-weather apropos bourbon recipes for you to try.

Bourbon is an American distilled spirit that is made from corn. To clarify further, bourbon belongs to the larger class of what is called whiskey–but not all whiskey is bourbon.

And lest you think you need to forgo your bourbon (or another spirit habit) to reduce your environmental impact, think again. Many bourbon makers are working to minimize the impacts of bourbon production.

From sourcing local grains and reusing barrels (many made from managed forests of White Oak) to reducing and reusing water utilized throughout the distillation process and using leftover mash as animal feed, some distilleries are making changes to the way they do business.

This means you can feel better about enjoying your favorite bourbon recipes. Some distilleries that are touting a more sustainable product include the Striped Pig, Makers Mark, Wilderness Trail, Barrel House, and Woodford Reserve among others.

Now that you have chosen a bourbon, what to do with it? We offer some up some delicious bourbon recipes and ideas for featuring bourbon this spring and summer.

7 Delightfully Summertime Bourbon Recipes

  1. Mint Julep – A perfect drink while you are relaxing on a porch swing. It is healthy, refreshing and more importantly energetic, which keeps your energy level at its peak. Mint Julep can be made from simple syrup, ice, mint, and bourbon.
  2. Bourbon, Peaches, and Ice Cream – One simple dessert we love is to cook sliced peaches in a little butter and bourbon and pour the thickened sauce and peaches over vanilla ice cream.
  3. Bourbon Old Fashioned – The bourbon Old Fashioned is a popular classic cocktail; Something you can never get bored of. To make it perfect for the summer, you can serve it over ice as well.
  4. Bourbon Infusions – Do you like to experiment things? Would you like to experiment with bourbon? Let’s try making a bourbon infusion. The only limits to infusions are actually your taste buds, otherwise, you can use mint to blackberries, coffer or cherries.
  5. Bourbon BBQ Sauce – Emeril Lagasse has revealed this beautiful BBQ sauce recipe and I am sure that you are going to love it. You can try this sauce over any type of meat or you can pour it over the veggies as well.
  6. Bourbon Blackberry Cobbler – For a less fussy dessert, try this recipe for Blackberry and Bourbon Cobbler. The bourbon adds another layer of richness to an everyday cobbler. You could also use peaches, or any other berries.
  7. Bourbon Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting – And for serving alongside your favorite bourbon cocktail, try making these sweet bourbon cupcakes. You, your guests, and your taste buds will not be disappointed.

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