5 Ways to Use Fresh Mint Leaves

Fresh mint leaves have the ability to cool, refresh and bright everything from cocktails to salads. Now, with a lot of mint flavors and varities, the options never end. One of the most asked questions is that how to use the mint leaves. We have asked this question from various experts and they have shared their favorite uses for mint.

Mint can be used in summer beverages and cocktails. It boosts the cool element in exhilarating summer drinks. Before adding it to drinks, remember to bruise the leaves. Always try to pick fresh leaves for garnishing.

Sweet Mint

“One of my favorite and most refreshing drinks is Sweet Mint water. It’s very simple to make. A gallon of water, a bundle of Sweet Mint, add ice, and it’s ready.”

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint

“There isn’t anything that I can think of that Chocolate Mint doesn’t make better. I add it chopped into chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate icing, chocolate mousse, chocolate puddings, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate … the list goes on and on.”

Orange Mint

“I like to add Orange Mint to my orange juice at breakfast. Just add the orange mint to a glass, pile in some ice cubes, then pour in the juice for an instantly refreshing, nutritious wake-me-up drink to start the day.”


Pepper mint

“Here’s a quick trick for when unexpected company shows up for lunch. I like to use Peppermint to brighten a simple salad. I make the salad with thin strips of Peppermint, lettuce, a quick champagne vinaigrette, dash of salt, and a French baguette — and done.”


“Spearmint is the best choice for mojitos that can make any afternoon feel like I’m on a vacation. All you have to do is bruise the mint leaves lightly with a mortar and pestle or with just your fingers before adding it into drinks.”

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