43 New Vegan Products Are Coming To Walmart and Target Stores Near You

The demand for plant-based food is ever-rising with media playing an active role to spread awareness across the entire U.S population about food and how it impacts their life. As a result, nearly one-third of the total population in North America are actively trying to reduce meat consumption while increasing intake of plant-based food. It means over 100 million people are ‘ready’ to choose plant-based diet.

Aware of the situation, biggest stores in the country i.e. Walmart and Target have agreed a deal with a start-up food company Hampton Creek. The food company, who is known for Just Mayo products, will be bringing 43 new products to these stores to ensure availability of a wide range of vegan products to diet-aware Americans. The new products will include items such as brownies, muffins, pancakes and salad dressings. With so many options available at your in your neighborhood market, it’s now easier than ever for Americans to live on a plant-based diet.


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It’s not just Hampton Creek that’s bringing vegan food to the masses, though. The dairy-free milk and ice cream brand SoDelicious launched its cashew ice cream line in Target last year, as did plant-based protein brand Beyond Meat. Even fast food retailer Wendy’s has brought a vegan bean burger to its menu and Ben and Jerry’s launched four vegan flavors in stores last month!

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As consumers grow more concerned about their own health and aware of the impact that their food choices have on the planet and animals, they are actively looking for alternatives that can replace the traditional animal products they grew up with.  We’re thrilled major corporations and retailers are finally starting to respond to this conscientious trend to make it easier for everyone to eat better for themselves, animals and the planet!

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Article source: www.onegreenplanet.org

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