10 Vegetables You Can Grow Super Fast

When you’re starting an edible garden it can seem discouraging at how long it takes for some fruits and vegetables to grow. Watermelon, tomatoes and peppers are notorious for longer growing seasons. Here are list of 10 vegetables can grow super fast

So I always encourage new gardeners to be sure to plant plenty of fast growing vegetables that they can harvest very quickly. Start these plants early in the growing season. Then, these vegetables will all be harvestable within 8 weeks of planting! In fact, if you sow a few seeds every other week you’ll have a continual stream of fresh produce from your garden for awhile.

Arugula – A Popular Fast-Growing Green


This vegetable was very popular a century ago and then people neglected it, but it has started gaining popularity once again because of its awesome taste and health benefits. Arugula is mostly used as a Salad and sometimes it is used as an alternative of basil pesto.

An interesting this about arugula is that it is known as rocket because of its rapid growth. There is nothing to know about growing this veggie. All you need to do is to sow the seeds and it will be ready to harvest in few days. If you want to grow these veggies during the summer as well, it is better to grow them under shade, otherwise, it will grow too quickly.

Asian Greens for Exotic Lettuce Alternatives


When it comes to Asian greens, there are a lot of varieties that you grow. The varieties include choy sum, bok choy, yu choy and so on. Mostly, the seeds are sold together in one packet. Now, it is up to either you opt to plant them separately or together. Plant the seeds late summer or early in the spring and then they will grow without any issues. While harvesting, you can either cut the plants entirely or you can cut only the leaves.

Broccoli Raab (Rabe, Rapi) for Quick Broccoli Flavor

Barocolli Rabe

It’s also called broccoli rabi or rapini sometimes and while it resembles broccoli, it is actually related more closely to turnips. The trick with broccoli rabe is to harvest the flower clusters as soon as they appear because they will open to flower fast. I recommend harvesting every other day. The leaves of stems of tender broccoli rabe are also edible and taste best if harvested young.

Chinese Cabbage is a Popular Green

Chinese cabbage forms delicious, firm heads of greens that can be harvested within a few weeks. It is sensitive to the heat as well so does better in part shade if you try to grow it through the summer, otherwise enjoy the fresh salad greens during the spring and fall. Chinese cabbage doesn’t transplant well, so use a peat pot or other biodegradable seed starter if you start the seeds indoors.

Mesclun Mixes – A Colorful Lettuce and Greens Blend

cabage Chinese

Mesclun is a mix of several greens and is sometimes sold as misticanza. I love planting mesclun mixes and enjoying the unique, serendipity feel of the variety of greens that appear in the garden. Mesclun mixes can be planted in a section of the garden, or in a simple container garden. Harvest as needed and plant new seeds every 10-14 days for a continued harvest.

Mustard Leaves are a Zesty Garden Green-10 vegetables can grow super fast


Mustard is another green that has to be kept moist as it will turn bitter is allowed to dry out. Like lettuces and other greens, it is sensitive to heat and does best in early spring and after mid-summer, or when given some shade during the hottest times of the year


Turnips grow Quickly and Provide a Bounty


Turnips are an old-fashioned vegetable that provides a great harvest for the home gardener. Both the leaves, and the roots can be eaten, although not every variety excels at both simultaneously. Turnipsare one of the least fussy plants on this list when it comes to temperature conditions, and are planted through the entire growing season in many gardening zones. Pick roots when they are tender – around 2-3 inches around, and harvest leaves when they are young and tender.

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